Nuewave was founded in May 2006 as a website and graphic design studio offering our services to small businesses. Today, we're a New Jersey-based independent team of creatives who are passionate about design and technology. We partner with businesses to provide graphics, identity, communications, and print design, as well as technology, websites, and digital products.

The world moves quickly, and so do we. Our process allows us to deliver amazing work and experiences for our forward thinking partners and their customers by embracing experimentation and new ideas.


We're inspired by the world around us — nature, fashion, culture, architecture. Our work is a reflection of our experiences and our strategic thinking.


Growth is only achievable with a clear strategy and an elevated customer experience. We comprehensively combine technology, design, and strategy to provide an understanding of business goals and a successful way to achieve them.


We live in a global, always-on world. Customers expect nothing but the best — and that's what we enable our partners to give. We develop strategies for our partners to succeed with digital, social, marketing, and experiences.

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